Membrane Technology Forum

Membrane Technology Forum

Alex Gorman
Global Engineering Leader - ED/BPED, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions

Alex Gorman is a Chemical/Applications/Process/Commercial Engineer with over 10 years’ experience in membrane electro-separations technology, primarily in dairy, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other non-water, fluid applications. With deep technical expertise in electrodialysis (ED) and bipolar electrodialysis (BPED), Alex is a former global technical lead for all membrane process ED/BPED applications at GE Water as well as a Principal Engineer at Ocean Spray. His current role is as Global Technical Leader for ED/BPED technology at SUEZ.


Electrodialysis Technology: Turning Waste Streams into High Value Products

Ionics Electrodialysis (ED) technology has existed since the 1950s, yet it remains relatively unknown to those outside of the water-treatment industry. Arguably its greatest benefits are to those manufacturers in the food, beverage, and chemical industries. Over the years, ED has repeatedly proven itself as a technology that can take costly waste streams and turn them into valuable products. This presentation will provide a basic introduction to ED technology, cover the general value proposition, and discuss specific examples where manufacturers were able to take process streams that were once major pain points and convert them into sources of revenue. Application areas that we’ll cover will include dairy, juice, biodiesel, and beer/wine. Attendees will come away with the ability to recognize when a low, or negative-value process stream within their own plant, company, or customer’s site might hold hidden value that could be unlocked by integrating electrodialysis into a new or existing process line.