Extending the shelf life of popular dairy products is an effective way to cut down on food waste. However creating a shelf-life solution that balances complex demands like health, pricing, labeling, taste & texture, and efficient production - isn’t an easy job. Which is why the experts at DSM created our latest Delvo®Guard cultures. Delivered as Direct Vat Cultures (DVC), they delay yeast and mold growth; and all with no (or limited) impact on fermentation process and time.

Delvo®Guard bioprotective cultures enable yogurt manufactures to naturally extend shelf life while maintaining a great taste and texture. The new cultures contain naturally occurring dairy microflora and provide a cost-effective solution to improve the quality and safety of dairy products. The new culture range provides better control for dairy manufacturers over post-acidification, gas production, and decolorization, as well as improvements to creaminess and mouthfeel while extending shelf life.  

The newly extended Delvo®Guard family now offers even more choice. These four easy-to-use cultures deliver the high levels of quality and safety you’d expect from DSM - protecting your brand while meeting growing consumer demand for fresh yogurts that benefit their health and reduce food waste. 

Delvo®Guard Cultures for yogurt that lasts longer and tastes better. Enjoy!