Unilever’s Breyers brand, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., said it is adding the claim "Partnering with American farmers — 100% Grade A Milk & Cream" to its packaged ice cream this summer. The move is part of its ongoing pledge to source only the highest quality ingredients and support the livelihood of American farmers.

"At Breyers, it's simple. We care about the ingredients that make our ice cream great," said Russel Lilly, marketing director for Breyers. "We want everyone who enjoys Breyers ice cream to know that it not only tastes great, but is always made with high-quality ingredients."

Additionally, as part of its sustainable sourcing efforts, Breyers is contributing to a fund that will partner with Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), Kansas City, Kan., on initiatives to support cost savings and environmental sustainability on dairy farms. DFA is owned by more than 8,000 family farms across the United States, Breyers noted.

"This partnership will support innovation that can positively benefit our dairy farmer members and support their efforts on animal care and environmental sustainability," said David Darr, DFA’s president of farm services and vice president of sustainability. "We are proud to work with Breyers to collaboratively partner on sustainability initiatives for our member farms."

Breyers sells more than 80 flavors and varieties of products, which can be found in grocery stores nationwide.