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The benefits of a happy workplace have proven to increase loyalty, productivity and laughter, yet current trends suggest that “cool” workplaces are in jeopardy. Instead of working non-stop, do people at your workplace find ways to sweeten the day with small breaks and help build a more positive work culture? If so, Dreyer’s/Edy’s Grand Ice Cream, Oakland, Calif., wants to hear from you in its Dibs Quest for a Cooler Workplace contest. Whether it’s gathering the group for an office-wide snack break to energize the team or creating a fun zone where employees can spend a few minutes laughing and relieving stress — the company wants to know what you or your colleagues are doing to make your workplace cooler. Dreyer’s/Edy’s will reward each of the 350 lucky offices, jobsites and businesses with a fully-stocked (and restocked) freezer full of Dibs bite-sized ice cream snacks for a month. Consumers may enter at by describing, in 350 words or less, a serious, humorous or tongue-in-cheek story about what they’re doing to make their workplace cooler.
Portland, Maine-based Oakhurst Dairy’s mascot Oakie went “green” last month on Earth Day. In celebration of Oakhurst’s longstanding commitment to healthy kids and a healthy environment, Oakie debuted a new, green look and offered tips on how to grow up healthy and be a good environmental steward. “Kids adore Oakie and parents feel great about Oakie’s messages,” says Linda Sheehy, marketing communications manager for Oakhurst. “As the official Oakhurst mascot, Oakie symbolizes our company’s commitment to important health and environmental issues. Our customers expect the best from us — the highest quality milk from farms that have pledged not to use artificial growth hormones, and a steadfast focus on improving the livability of our communities.” Sheehy says Oakhurst donates 10 percent of profits to organizations that promote healthy kids and a healthy environment.
Salt Lake City-based TCBY is celebrating the 20th anniversary of what has become its signature flavor — White Chocolate Mousse. And while consumers have been lining up to enjoy the creamy, delicious flavor for years, they’re now getting something to make their experience even better — the healthy goodness of seven different types of yogurt cultures. These beneficial yogurt cultures are available in every scoop, swirl and flavor of TCBY hand-scooped and soft-serve frozen yogurt flavor. “White Chocolate Mousse has become synonymous with TCBY and we’ve found that many consumers have a strong emotional connection to the flavor, perhaps because they associate it with so many happy moments they’ve enjoyed over the years,” says Steve Willes, brand manager for TCBY.  “We’re pleased now that we can add some additional health benefits as a reason for consumers to continue to enjoy their favorite TCBY flavor.”
Alto Dairy Cooperative, Waupun, Wis., has introduced its Alto Bello® brand, a family of premium Italian-style cheeses made with top-quality milk from Alto’s farmer-owners.  Formaggio Migliore, meaning “best cheese” in Italian, and Formaggio Indulgente, meaning “forgiving cheese,” are Alto’s first products released under the newly created brand. Specially formulated for foodservice operators, Alto Dairy says it created Alto Bello products for customers seeking natural, high-quality Wisconsin cheeses from a supplier that can provide custom-formulated products. “Our Alto Bello cheeses offer the flavor and consistency that our foodservice customers look for,” says Dennis Kasuboski, vice president of sales for Alto Dairy. “Our award-winning, premium flavor is guaranteed in every bite.”
On a daily basis, foodservice operators balance their own kitchen demands and the demands of patrons who are increasingly discerning about the freshness, flavor and inventiveness of food. Denmark, Wis.-based BelGioioso Cheese has focused on convenience for two of its latest fresh cheese introductions — BelGioioso Perline and BelGioioso Pre-Sliced Fresh Mozzarella. Errico Auricchio, president and founder of BelGioioso Cheese, says that adding these options is another example of how the company has been listening to its operators and finding solutions to their everyday needs without compromising quality. BelGioioso Perline (pronounced per-LEE-nee) Fresh Mozzarella consists of snack-size balls that are sold in 1-pound and 3-pound foodservice tubs. The petite, 2.5-gram portions are ideal for appetizers paired with other ingredients like fresh basil and bite-sized tomatoes. The miniature version of BelGioioso’s Fresh Mozzarella also makes for quick and easy inclusion in salads or as pasta toppings. BelGioioso Pre-Sliced Fresh Mozzarella, a version of the same fresh mozzarella, removes a labor intensive and sometimes dangerous step out of food preparation.
Denali Flavors Inc., Wayland, Mich., has partnered with Meijer Stores to license its signature Moose Tracks family of ice cream flavors to create four new Meijer-branded products: Original Moose Tracks®, Chocolate Moose Tracks®, Original Moose Tracks Churned Style® and Chocolate Moose Tracks Churned Style®. In addition, Meijer will offer four ice cream on-a-stick novelties based on Denali’s proprietary flavors including Original Moose Tracks, no-sugar-added Moose Tracks, Chocolate Moose Tracks and Bear Foot Brownie®. “We are excited to see some of our most successful ice cream creations come to life as first-rate Meijer brand products,” says Neal Glaeser, president of Denali Flavors. “This agreement will further strengthen visibility for the Denali brand while increasing flavor varieties for ice cream lovers throughout Meijer stores.”  
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