Frozen Novelties

Wa No Shizuku
These novelties feature kuzu-coated ice cream pieces filled with cherry-blossom-flavored bean jam. After removal from the freezer, the white kuzu coating turns transparent to reveal the pink bean jam in the center. Each package contains two 44 milliliter pieces and sells for 263 JPY (about $2.25).
Green Tea Ice Bars
South Korea
These Wiselect Green Tea Ice Bars come from the Lotte Shopping Co. of South Korea, where they come six 75 milliliter bars to a box. Each package retails for 2980 KRW (about $3).
Apple Berry & Tropical Sticks
From Unilever Bestfoods, Street Paddle Pop Mini Fruits contain 40 percent fruit juice and are made with natural colors and flavors. Available in an Apple Berry & Tropical variety, the 35 gram pops come 14 to a box. Suggested retail price is 4.99 AUD ($3.95).
Tartufo White Gelato
Sma Auchan Tartufo Blanco ice cream from Gruppo Rinascente offers coffee ice cream and whipped cream covered with meringue pieces. Positioned as an indulgent dessert, each 150 gram package sells for 2.22 euros (about $2.90).
Fruit Smoothie Lollies
United Kingdom
Sainsbury’s Supermarkets of Great Britain has launched these new frozen stick novelties under its Be Good To Yourself brand. Containing fruit juices and purees, these bars contain less than 1 percent fat per serving. Each package contains four bars, two each of Blackcurrant, Blueberry and Açai, and Mango and Passionfruit. The bars carry a suggested retail price of £1.89 (about $3.60).
SOURCE: Mintel’s Global New Products Database
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