Creators Briefs

Accelerated Ripening
Faster, problem-free ripening and taste development can be possible with enzyme-based Accelerzyme® CPG. Capable of accelerating flavor development of various types of cheeses, it can also be applied to fight or prevent the formation of bitter peptides that may be formed by the culture bacteria during the ripening process. Purified using DSM Chromatography Technology, Accelerzyme® CPG is allergen-free, contains no genetically modified material, delivers problem free whey processing and is kosher and halal approved. ­— DSM Food Specialties, Dairy Ingredients, (800) 662-4478,
Simulated Mozzarella
Today’s pizzerias and restaurants use increasing amounts of imitation cheese. It is normally made by using rennet casein as a primary ingredient, or by replacing expensive casein with a specialty starch. Recently, efforts have been made to replace or partially replace rennet because of its variability. It has become a top priority to find a better alternative to rennet. According to A&B Ingredients, a specialty rice starch based on a unique variety of rice closely simulates mozzarella’s re-melt, firmness and stickiness. The advantages of this special starch include a small granule size, creamy mouthfeel and white color. In contrast, starch made from corn or potato show poor melt and flavor. Because rice starch has a neutral or no flavor, it does not detract from the cheese flavor. In the past, imitation cheese producers could replace up to about 15 percent of the casein with specialty rice starch. Exclusively from A&B Ingredients, the recently introduced Remy DR 7-111 rice starch permits replacement of 40 percent of the casein while maintaining re-melt, firmness, stickiness and even freeze-thaw stability. — A&B  Ingredients, (973) 227-1390,
Healthy Treats
Cognis Nutrition & Health, a producer of natural plant sterol and sterol esters, recently expanded its line of Vegapure® ingredients now that they are GRAS for a broader range of foods and beverages from spreads to pasta to a multitude of other applications. Vegapure® phytosterols may help lower cholesterol without affecting the food’s sensory characteristics. Cognis also recently introduced free sterol ground powder and three new non-GM, IP-preserved sterols and sterol esters. — Cognis Nutrition & Health, (800) 673-3702,
Making Colors
D.D. Williamson, a leader in caramel color, now offers a broad spectrum of natural colors, including its colorMaker™ custom blends. A trusted and recognized provider of color solutions to the food and beverage industry, the company now has nine manufacturing sites on five continents. Its operations in North America, South America, Africa and Asia have earned the rigorous ISO 9000 certification. Every day, more than 1.5 billion servings of food and beverages containing D.D. Williamson caramel color are consumed around the world. — D.D. Williamson, (502) 895-2438,
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