Fast, Automated Plate Reading

The 3M Petrifilm Plate Reader provides consistent, automated reading and recording in just four seconds. With this turnaround time, the Petrifilm Plate Reader increases productivity, reduces costs and eliminates variation between lab technicians. Automatic storage of results into Microsoft Excel, as well as an unchangeable log file, saves time, eliminates transcription errors and improves audit compliance. Designed for easy use and setup, the software loads onto a computer using a wizard for easy installation. The reader itself hooks up to the computer via a USB2 port. To read plates, simply insert the Petrifilm Plate into the slot on the reader and it automatically ejects when reading is complete. Count results, as well as a color image of the plate itself, are displayed on the computer screen. The actual time to read the plates and store results is about 4 seconds. — 3M Microbiology Customer Service, 3M Center, Building 275-5W-05, St. Paul, Minn., 55144, phone: (800) 228-3957, e-mail:, Web site:
Stahlman Engineering Corp. and Stahlman Construction Management Services Inc. have combined to form The Stahlman Group Inc., an engineering, architectural and construction management firm based in New London, N.H., and Atlanta. SGI President Bob Stahlman says the evolution "will allow us to take our competitive and comprehensive services to the next level, providing our clients with a product that is literally better than ever."
Portola Packaging Inc. has completed its acquisition of Woonsocket, R.I.-based Tech Industries Inc. Portola, San Jose, Calif., designs, manufactures and markets tamper-evident plastic closures, bottles and related equipment and engineering services for the dairy, milk, fruit juice, bottled water, sports drinks and other non-carbonated beverage markets. Tech Industries is a supplier of plastic packaging components to the cosmetic, fragrance and toiletries industry.
Pack Expo International 2004, one of the world's largest showcases of packaging equipment, materials and containers, has sold 90 percent of available exhibit space for the upcoming show, November 7 to 11
at Chicago's McCormick Place. Sponsored and produced by the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute, Arlington, Va., Pack Expo International will highlight the latest advancements from across the packaging industry, including labeling and coding technologies, brand-building materials, robotics and active and protective packaging solutions. The show will feature more than 1,600 machinery, materials, components and containers exhibitors using
1.2 million net square feet of exhibit space. Thousands of packaging solutions will be available to the more than 47,000 who are expected to attend, including 6,000 international visitors from more than 70 countries.
Arlington, Va.-based Packaging Education Forum (PEF) is distributing $400,000 to packaging programs at six universities. This distribution of assets is part of the PEF dissolution plan, expected to run through June 30. The funds are being distributed as one-time grants to the following programs: $200,000 to the packaging program at San Jose State University to establish a PEF Packaging Research and Development laboratory and renovate its 5,000-square-foot packaging laboratory and classrooms; $100,000 to the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences to establish the Pelf's Endowment in Packaging Science, support packaging science research and offer financial aid; $25,000 to the packaging science program at Clemson University for research, teaching equipment and laboratory upgrades; $25,000 to the packaging school at Michigan State University for software, hardware, processing and filling equipment, instrumentation and new technologies; $25,000 to the packaging science department at Rochester Institute of Technology for its materials/containers laboratory; and $25,000 to the packaging program at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.
Charlottesville, Va.-based Madras Packaging LLC entered into a financial agreement with Old World Industries, allowing the plastics packager to move ahead with its nationwide expansion plans. Old World Industries, Northbrook, Ill., markets chemical products and automotive parts.
St. Louis-based Asters has received superior ratings for its food, pharmaceutical and technical grade phosphate manufacturing facilities on its annual AIB International audits for the 10th consecutive year. AIBI recognizes food and ingredient manufacturers for the completeness and effectiveness of food safety, quality, management and pest control programs, as well as operational methods, personnel, food safety maintenance and cleaning practices.
Johnson Truck Bodies, Rice Lake, Wis., has added New York City-based Frank Siviglia & Co. to its national network of dealers. Siviglia will offer sales and service for Johnson's line of refrigerated vehicles, and stock a complete inventory of service parts to meet routine maintenance needs. One of North America's leading manufacturers of refrigerated vehicles, Johnson has expanded its position geographically and vocationally through continued product development and strategic growth initiatives.
Four industry professionals, including the first European-based representative, attained accreditation as Certified Conformance Evaluators (CCE) from
3-A Sanitary Standards Inc. They are Rocklyn Bates, USDA/AMS Dairy Programs; Paul Bokelmann, industry consultant; Bernard Thompson, Seiberling Associates Inc.; and Andrew Timperley, CCFRA Technology Ltd. in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. They join 26 others who earned the certification last summer. The CCE credential is required for those performing independent inspections of equipment for 3-A Symbol holders as part of a new Third Party Verification program.

Scale and Data Management
A new vehicle scale software from Mettler Toledo offers customers greater scale and data management, allowing them to make smarter business decisions faster. The OverDrive software connects vehicle scales to a standalone PC or integrates the hardware into a LAN or WAN where users can gain instant access to information. Multiple-scale configurations and peripheral devices such as traffic lights, security gates and unattended weighing stations can also be controlled by drivers without additional manpower. — Mettler-Toledo Inc., 1900 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, Ohio, 43240, phone: (614) 438-4936, fax: (614) 438-4544, Web site:
Continuous In-Line Monitoring
In-line sensors from Optek-Danulat provide continuous in-line monitoring of process lines for immediate detection of product interface, control of centrifugal separators, BOD monitoring, heat exchanger leak detection product identification and standardization, cow water reclaim and other applications that save money and recover product. Rugged and sanitary, these unique and reliable in-line monitors provide real-time valve and pump control through the plant's PLC. Data can be recorded on an internal data logger or directed to an external data logger or chart recorder through a 4-20 mA output. Optek's photometric monitors utilize light absorption principles, and this real-time technology provides immediate information about processes and has been proven to recover profits by reducing product loss and drastically reducing BOD emissions, thereby avoiding associated municipal citations. — Optek-Danulat Inc., Germantown Technology Park, N118 W18748 Bunsen Drive, Germantown, Wis., 53022, phone: (888) 814-4288, fax: (262) 437-3600,
e-mail:, Web site:

High-Impact Packaging
With just three seconds to generate brand recognition and influence a consumer's purchasing decision, dairy processors need eye-catching packaging. How product looks when displayed on the grocer's shelf is key to attracting niche or mass market appeal and can make a product stand out amidst a number of choices. Why Design creates designs for all types of dairy food packaging and specializes in cutting-edge, friendly, "fun" retail package, food label, display, box and container design for high-impact point of purchase that sells. Additional services include brand building and logo design. — Why Design, 55 Bradford St., Suite 300, Providence, R.I., 02903, phone: (401) 421-7622, fax: (401) 273-9340, Web site:

Sanitary Bulk Bag Systems
Nu-Con Equipment's Nu-Pak systems are easily customized to handle specific bag size and facility layout. Includes design features critical to a sanitary process, such as high floor clearance, dust-proof bag clamp, balance line fitting to exhaust air from bag during filling, bag inflation prior to filling and two-point cutoff with dribble fill. All product-contact surfaces on Nu-Pak clean design filling and handling systems are 100 percent stainless steel, and systems can
be USDA compliant. — Nu-Con Equipment, 1600 Lake Drive West, Chanhassen, Minn., 55317, phone: (952) 279-5210, fax: (952) 279-5206, Web site:

Latex-Free Disposable Glove
Saf-T-Gard International introduces its latex-free Ambi-Gard® NL Disposable Glove to provide all the same features and benefits of latex without allergy concerns. The Ambi-Gard NL gloves are made from a unique stretch synthetic vinyl polymer and offer superior protection and comfort. The gloves are available in sizes XS to XL in lightly powdered, powder free and medical exam (non-sterile) varieties. The gloves are packed 100 per dispenser with 10 dispensers per carton. — Saf-T-Gard International Inc., 205 Huehl Road, Northbrook, Ill., 60062, phone: (800) 548-4273, (847) 291-1600, fax: (888) 548-4273, (847) 291-1610, e-mail: safety@saft, Web site:
New Acculift Technology
Fogg Filler Co. introduces its Acculift container handling technology on its Fill Pro Series. Acculift is a cam-activated container lift system that eliminates traditional carousels used to transport bottles as they are filled along the circumference of the filling bowl. By integrating the lifting pedestal with the filling bowl, Acculift assures positive positioning, with more precise container/valve alignment. Acculift can be designed to
incorporate one of several Fogg neck-handling technologies, from neck support to the proprietary neck grip. Available in a wide range of capacities, from single-serve to 5-liter containers, the Fill Pro filling system features an oversized 2-to-1, filler-to-capper transfer ratio for smoother container handling. Fast changeovers are achieved with tool-less change parts and segmented star wheels. Bottle feed is controlled by an adjustable timing screw, requiring very little maintenance. The filling bowl and capping turret are raised and lowered electrically, with optional preset heights for fast changeover. All operations are performed from the interface panel, including product supply, CIP activation, and fault condition indication and reset. The system features a new Tri-Line Valve with an industry-first clamp design for improved sanitation and maintenance. Manufactured to 3A standards for efficient CIP operations, the new Tri-Line Valve offers easy use, tool-less takedown and fast changeover with precise alignment. The Fill Pro Series integrated safety guard can be upgraded to accept HEPA filtration to provide laminar airflow for Extended Shelf Life requirements. An optional CIP trough supports fast product changeover by draining the bowl and valves while the bowl continues to rotate. The system is activated from the touch screen control panel and eliminates cumbersome CIP rings. Available options are CIP trough, all metal valves, HEPA systems, steam cap sterilization, Sanibar spray systems with automatic rinse cycle, product agitation, automatic height adjustment and twin servo driven infeed screws. — Fogg Filler Co., 3455 John F. Donnelly Drive, Holland, Mich., 49424, phone: (616) 786-3644, fax: (616) 786-0350, e-mail:
Plastic Closure for Dairy Market
Alcoa Closure Systems International (CSI) has expanded its presence in the fluid milk closure market with its new Seal-MAX' 38mm screw-on/screw-off closure. This closure was designed to prevent leakage in milk containers, yet is easy to open and offers improved tamper evidence. The closure's robust molded-in liner provides a tight seal even when there are minor imperfections in the bottle finish. In addition, the Seal-MAX closure features Alcoa's patented Extra-Lok' tamper band, which provides superior, consistent tamper evidence. Alcoa's Seal-MAX closure is designed for single-serve to gallon-size HDPE and PET containers, and is available in a variety of colors. — Alcoa Closure Systems International, 6625 Network Way, Suite 200, Indianapolis, Ind., 46278, phone: (317) 390-5000, fax: (317) 390-5137, Web site:

Ultra Hygiene Squeegee
Providing maximum hygiene in a single blade, Remco's Ultra Hygiene Squeegee is now available in a new smaller size. It's the ideal squeegee for moving liquids and solids in tabletop work areas and for cleaning vats and equipment. The ultra-hygienic one-piece design discourages the harboring of bacteria and allows for ease of cleaning. With the blade and 6.5-inch handle made from the same color, this color-coded squeegee provides maximum traceability in today's stringent HACCP environments. Available in five colors, it is a part of the Vikan® hygiene system. The squeegee and other Remco products are available through supplier Nelson-Jameson. — Remco Products, 4735 W. 106th St., Box 698, Zionsville, Ind., 46077, phone: (317) 876-9856, fax: (317) 876-9858 or (800) 585-8619,e-mail:, Web site:; Nelson-Jameson Inc., 2400 E. 5th St., P.O. Box 647, Marshfield, Wis. 54449, phone: (800) 826-8302
Corporate Management Software
The CSB-System software package has been tailored to meet the specific requirements of the food and beverage industry while allowing for adequate room for growth and future enhancements. The modular approach allows the software to be easily integrated into any existing IT structure. The combination of all available standard modules —including Enterprise Resource Planning, Production Planning and Control, Automated Data Capture and Computer Integrated Manufacturing— yields a high-performance corporate management system. Advantages
of CSB-System include maximized growth potential, flexible material planning and capacity resources and paperless HACCP. CSB-System also offers solutions for accounting and finance, human resources and customer relationship management. — CSB-System International, 3131 Camino del Rio North, Suite 580, San Diego, Calif., 92108, phone: (800) 852-9977 or (619) 640-0436, fax: (800) 851-6299 or (619) 640-0476, e-mail:, Web site: www.csb-
Orbital Wrapper Software
Free software developed by packaging machinery manufacturer Ciratec Corp. enables packaging engineers, plant managers, material-handling engineers, machinery and film distributors and other professionals to quickly determine the ideal size of orbital wrapping machine needed to accommodate their extrusions, cartons, palletized loads, loose and bulky items and other products. Called PYTH, based on the Pythagorean theorem, this proprietary software provides the minimum inner diameter required to safely and securely wrap and unitize a product while preventing the purchase of excess machine capacity. The 40K PYTH software installs easily. It's available free by e-mailing the company. — Ciratec Corp., 41 Industrial Road, Phillipsburg, N.J., 08865-4080, phone: (908) 859-4600, fax: (908) 454-9819, e-mail:, Web site:
High-Performance Food Machinery Greases
Food processors can operate critical application equipment for extended periods of time without significant wear and damage with Anderol's high-performance food machinery greases. Anderol® 783 is designed with synthetic base fluids and advanced anti-wear chemistries to reduce equipment friction and overall operating temperatures. Even in extreme temperature and pressure applications, Anderol® 783 doesn't soften or evaporate, which extends lubrication cycles, reduces equipment wear and minimizes maintenance costs. Anderol's grease products are based on white oils such as the PQ® 40 AA and PQ® AA series. White oil-based food machinery greases have been formulated with advanced anti-wear chemistries to reduce equipment friction and overall operating temperatures. All Anderol greases are rust and oxidation inhibited to preserve the life and performance of critical application equipment including bearings, gears, hinges, packings, slicers and valves. In application, the greases demonstrate superior load-carrying properties, resistance to oil bleed and separation and good water and steam washout properties. Anderol also designs its greases to meet NSF International, Halal and kosher safety requirements. — Anderol Inc., 215 Merry Lane, P.O. Box 518, East Hanover, N.J., 07936, phone: (973) 887-7410 or (888) 263-3765, fax: (973) 887-6930, e-mail:, Web site:

Upgraded Chiller Controller
Berg Chilling Systems introduces its SC6 chiller controller, a sixth-generation development that gives additional benefits while providing reliable and consistent temperature control. Its new design yields the maximum information about the refrigeration system while requiring a minimum amount of input. A touch-screen display gives details information about temperatures, compressor status and alarm. — Berg Chilling Systems Inc., 51 Nantucket Blvd., Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, M1P 2N5, phone: (416) 755-2221, fax: (416) 755-3874, Web site:
Rotary Impingement Cleaning Systems
Gamajet Cleaning Systems introduces new versions of its established Gamajet 4 and Gamajet 5 Impingement Cleaning Machines. Modified to provide a 180-degree spray pattern, the units can be easily positioned over the top of virtually any size open-topped tank or vessel and will easily scour away the toughest of residue without overspray. A choice of nozzles, turbines and gear speeds allows for customization of each unit to meet specific cleaning applications. Fluid-driven cleaners require no external motors, can be modified for use in CIP operations and are particularly well suited for removing heavy and viscous materials such as inks, peanut butter, creams and gels. — Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc., Box 626, Devault, Pa., 19432, phone: (877) 426-2538, fax: (610) 408-9945, e-mail: sales@gama, Web site:

Fast-Pack Filling and Closing System
The Autoprod Fast-Pack line of filling and closing systems accommodate a wide range of products such as yogurt, sour cream, ice cream, cottage cheese and other dairy products. Applications include multiple (such as fruit on the bottom), swirled, side-by-side and layered fills. The FP line features optional servo-driven filling and sealing systems for increased accuracy and efficiency and can fill pre-set and post-set yogurts. Capable of speeds up to 57,600 cups per hour, the FP series is engineered for durability and reliability. Options include CIP, hot-fill, overcapping, rollstock or pre-cut lidding, automatic loaders for packaging materials and gas flush. — Autoprod Inc., 5355 115th Ave. North, Clearwater, Fla., 33760, phone: (727) 572-7753, e-mail:, Web site:
Redesigned Web Site
Orion Packaging Systems unveils its redesigned Web site, www.orionpack The new site combines enhanced user-friendly navigation and communication to give stretch wrapping system customers exact information in just a few clicks. Visitors can search by product or application. The "Products" pull-down menu displays Orion's automatic, semi-automatic, specialty and orbital stretch wrappers. By clicking on the system of interest, a model overview appears offering photos and exact specifications from style, rpm and maximum load size to conveyor speed and drive method. The "Applications" menu bar allows users to search by industries that Orion serves, including beverage, food and drug, printing and graphic arts, block and concrete, general warehouse and appliance industries. Published articles on specific applications are also available and can be sorted by industry, title or date. The site also lists upcoming trade shows Orion is attending, along with company news. Visitors can click through to view facility maps, order literature and videos and to find an Orion distributor in their area. — Orion Packaging Systems, 100 Crescent Drive, Collierville, Tenn., 38017, phone: (901) 888-4170 or (800) 333-6556, fax: (901) 365-1071, Web site:
New Economical Lubricant
Shell Lubricants introduces Shell Grease FM 2, an economical lubricant designed for use in the food and beverage processing industry. Shell Grease FM 2 was formulated specifically for use in machinery where rare, miniscule contact might occur between food and lubricants. Processors can use Shell Grease FM 2 on electric motors, pumps, conveyors, mixers, gear units, slides and ways. Like other Shell food-grade oils, Shell Grease FM 2 contains additives designed to minimize wear in high-pressure applications. It is specially formulated to provide water separation, oxidation stability, corrosion resistance, adhesion/cohesion properties and thermal stability characteristics. The colorless, odorless, tasteless grease meets U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements for food-grade lubricants and it's also listed on the NSF International list of lubricants as H1 approved, meaning it may be used on equipment and machine parts that are used to manufacture food and drink for human consumption. Shell Grease FM 2 is a mineral-based lubricant and offers a cost-effective way to improve plant production while helping to ensure product safety and controlling operating expenses. — Sopus Products, Shell Oil Products US, 700 Milam St., 18th Floor, Houston, Texas, 77002, phone: (713) 546-3759, (800) 64-LUBES, fax: (713) 546-6678, Web site:
Reverse-Cycle Process
Master-Bilt adds an innovative reverse-cycle process into its new and existing commercial refrigeration system lines with a reverse-cycle valve added to the condensing unit. The energy-efficient valve reverses the direction of refrigerant flow during defrosts when automatically activated by the Master Controller system. During defrosting, the reverse-cycle valve is activated and the high-temperature refrigerant flow is reversed through a multi-step process. Once triggered, the refrigerant flows back through the evaporator coil, heating it along its entire length and completely eliminating frost buildup. Reverse cycle technology eliminates the need for defrost heaters, head pressure control valves, check valves and expansion valves at the connector. Removing these components reduces the cost of the evaporator and saves on installation and wiring. Additionally, defrost time is lessened: the average time using defrost heaters is 20 to 30 minutes, but the reverse cycle performs a completely "clean" defrost in three to five minutes. This new technology will be unveiled at the National Restaurant Association Show, May 22 to 25 in Chicago. — Master-Bilt, 908 Highway 15 North, New Albany, Miss., 38652, phone: (662) 534-9061 or (800) 647-1284, fax: (800) 232-3966 or (662) 534-6049, Web site:
ProSeries Printheads
ProSeries by FoxJet®, the new line of high-resolution printheads, delivers high-resolution barcodes, text and graphics with the speed and flexibility to meet packaging line demands. Printing height requirements dictate which model in the series to choose. The new ProSeries 768 prints to a 4-inch height without the "stitching" caused by putting a series of smaller disposable heads together. The Model 768 head uses the patented Scantrue II ink designed for most readable barcodes, text and graphics and can be used to replace ingredients on a variety of products. The entire line of ProSeries printheads includes the optional Automatic Priming System. FoxJet printheads dispense a small amount of ink at regular preset intervals and then vacuums ink and debris off the printhead, leaving the packaging line virtually maintenance free. — Loveshaw, Route 296, Box 83, South Canaan, Pa., 18459, phone: (800) 572-3434, Web site:
Air Filtration For Food
Airguard's Air Filter Guide is an easy-to-use tool for comparing filter options, including pre-filters and final filters, for specific applications within a process facility. Included are HEPA and ULPA filters, antimicrobial filters, disposable panel filters, extended surface pocket filters, special media, gas phase absorbers and filters for eliminating various process odors. The guide describes filters engineered for high-moisture environments, and filters with extremely high MERV ratings. Filter options for the collection of particulate from mixing and blending, and packaging operations are included, along with a section on clean room filtration and programmable fan/filter systems. — Airguard, Box 32578, Louisville, Ky., 40232, phone: (502) 969-2304, e-mail:, Web site:
QuickLoad Conveyors
Multivac's new QuickLoad conveyor option for the B500 belted chamber machine requires only one person to operate. It offers a variety of seal heights for accommodate a wide product range, hygienic design for easy wash down, adjustable speeds and a built-in self-diagnostic backup system. — Multivac Inc., 11021 N.W. Pomona Ave., Kansas City, Mo., 64153, phone: (816) 891-0555, fax: (816) 891-0622, e-mail:, Web site:
Simple Environmental Samples
BioControl Systems introduces AssureSwab®, its new environmental sampling system developed specifically for industrial applications and offering an economical and efficient method for collecting environmental samples. Designed to compliment HACCP plans and SSOPs, AssureSwab is a ready-to-use swab containing Letheen broth, an accepted industry standard for environmental monitoring. Letheen Broth neutralizes iodine, chlorine, halogen, quaternary ammonium and other sanitizer residues found on surfaces, and helps with the recovery of microorganisms. Samples collected with AssureSwab can be delivered directly to plate or film systems for enumeration or into an enrichment media for pathogen specific
environmental monitoring. Assure­Swab's one-step activation makes it the ideal swab for sampling both wet and dry surfaces. The generous ergonomic handle design helps to prevent accidental contamination, ensuring reliable and accurate results. — BioControl Systems Inc., 12822 SE 32nd St., Bellevue, Wash., 98005, phone: (425) 603-1123, (800) 245-0113, fax: (425) 603-0070, Web site:

Motioneering Application
Danaher Motion introduces its Motioneer­ing® Engine version LE, a Windows-based motor-sizing program that takes a project approach to selecting Superior Electric brand stepper motor and drive products and systems. Includes more than 300 step motor and drive system combinations. Motioneering LE allows users to model their machine from one of multiple mechanisms, such as leadscrew, rack and pinion, conveyor and nip rolls within a project folder. Additional features include multiple motion profile options, color-coded search results for easy product and system selection, a system performance curve to illustrate load requirements and a unit preference and conversion tool for mechanism and motion profile entry. Motioneering LE also includes a browse feature with complete product descriptions and detailed performance data. — Danaher Motion, 13500-J South Point Blvd., Charlotte, N.C., 28273, phone: (704) 588-5693, fax: (704) 588-5695, e-mail:, Web site:
Free Gifts
LA-CO Industries introduces its Mark of Excellence customer appreciation program for its All-Weather® Livestock Marking Products. Customers can earn award points by buying All-Weather Paintstik® markers, All-Weather Twist-Stik® markers, All-Weather Quik Shot®, All-Weather Stock Shot®, All-Weather plastic ear tag markers, All-Weather Dura-Ink® fiber-tip markers and other LA-CO products. Points can be redeemed for merchandise in the award catalog. — LA-CO Industries Inc., 1201 Pratt Blvd., Elk Grove Village, Ill., 60007, phone: (847) 956-7600, fax: (847) 956-9885, Web site:
HyVol Protein-Plus System
Westfalia Separator's new HyVol Protein-Plus System yields cost-saving benefits in milk production by providing greater retention and lowering overall operating costs. This option is available on new Westfalia separators and can be retro-fitted to existing machines. The Protein-Plus System enables separators to be discharged every two hours, yielding one-third fewer and shorter ejection cycles. Other benefits are reduced water consumption, lower utility costs, less machine wear and less maintenance. — Westfalia Separator Inc., 100 Fairway Court, Northvale, N.J., 07647, phone: (201) 767-1115, fax: (201) 784-4331, Web site:
Combined Capabilities
Brookfield Engineering's new DV-III combines the features of the DV-III+ Rheometer with the yield stress measurement capability of Brookfield's YR-1 Yield Test Rheometer. In stand-alone mode the operator enters test parameters and temperature control requirements, starts the program and the results are shown on the built-in display. The rheometer also gives built-in math models for data analysis. Optional Rheocalc32™ software lets the operator control all aspects of rheological testing directly from the computer, predicting a material's flow behavior by studying shear rate profiles. Using optional vane spindles with DV-III Ultra, the operator can create test programs to measure yield behavior, performing true static yield tests. The DV-III Ultra rheometer is ideal for R&D and QC and delivers continuous sensing and display. It comes with spindles, Rheoloader™ and EZ-Yield™ software programs, power base, guard leg, temperature probe and carrying case. — Brookfield Engineering, 11 Commerce Blvd., Middleboro, Mass., 02346, phone: (508) 946-6200 or (800) 628-8139, fax: (508) 946-6262, Web site:
Quick Disconnect
The Kübler by Turck line of stainless steel hollowshaft encoders with M12 eurofast® quick disconnect offers high performance, low cost and enables fast, reliable installation for the food processing, bottling and dairy industries. These encoders are available in either incremental or absolute position sensing with a hollowshaft construction. The entire series has all stainless steel housing including receptacles. In conjunction with shaft seals, this gives the units an environmental rating of IP 66, ensuring immunity to the harshest washdown areas. For mounting ease, the encoders are available with a variety of flange, bore and output circuit styles. Patented Intelligent Sensing Technology and Integrated Technology are non-contact design and construction technologies using custom ASICs with all components mounted on a single PCB, enhancing performance over tradition construction methods. This enables high resistance to EMI, high reliability and long life and makes it well suited for applications in and around drives, clutches and brakes. — Turck Inc., 3000 Campus Drive, Minneapolis, Minn., 55441, phone: (800) 544-7769, fax: (763) 553-0708, Web site:

Eye-Catching Holographic Labels
Packaged goods marketers seeking a more exciting labeling concept can take advantage of AET's new Mirage™ holographic label films. Designed to light up shelf appeal and brighten up sales, Mirage holographic label films perform as can and bottle labels in low-shrink and non-shrink roll-fed label applications. They are now available in embossed and embossable base films and provide excellent clarity and gloss. Mirage holographic label films are suitable for folding cartons, gift-wrap, ribbon stock and flexible packaging. — AET Films, 15 Read's Way, New Castle, Del., 19720, phone: (302) 326-5500 or (800) 688-2044, fax: (302) 326-5501, e-mail:,
RFID-Tagged Containers
Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. offers RFID tags on its Ship Shape™ line of reusable bulk containers, which may be designed with protrusions, recesses or flat spaces where the tag may be secured for easy scanning by wireless devices. The containers accommodate the increasing demand for large amounts of product and regulatory information to be included with and communicated by each pallet load. Seven different Ship Shape containers are available. The containers nest five- to seven-high when empty and can nest or stack higher in storage, safely accommodating up to 1,500 pounds. Both two- and four-way fork entry are offered. — Meese Orbitron Dunne Co., 4920 State Road, Ashtabula, Ohio, 44004, phone: (800) 829-4535, fax (440) 992-4667,
e-mail:, Web site:
Precision Pharm/Biotech Hygienic Clamps
A complete line of precision-made Hygienic Clamps from L.J. Star Inc. are made by investment castings to produce a high-quality, precision fit assembly. All are designed to provide quick access to the joint for cleaning and inspection. Three basic models are the SH in 316 stainless steel SH clamps for general applications, the SSH in 304 stainless steel for higher-pressure applications and the ASME in fully traceable 316 stainless steel, which is designed to meet the requirements of ASME section VIII and the Pressure Vessel Code of BPE. The new clamps are suited for use in the pharmaceutical and biotech applications. — L.J. Star Inc., P.O. Box 1116, Twinsburg, Ohio, 44087, phone: (330) 405-3040, fax: (330) 405-3070, e-mail:
Efficient Tank Cleaning
"Gain a fresh perspective in tank cleaning — Cleaning equipment to optimize hygiene and efficiency" is the name of the new tank cleaning brochure published by Alfa Laval. The eight-page piece presents the company's tank cleaning systems and ancillaries, including verification systems to electronically certify that each stage of a CIP cycle has been completed as specified. Alfa Laval's tank cleaning machines comprises the range of Toftejorg-brand rotary spray and jet cleaning heads complementing the existing range of fixed and rotating spray heads. Rotary heads offer the benefits of improved tank hygiene and plant efficiency, reduced cleaning time, savings in water, energy and chemicals and reduced waste. — Alfa Laval Inc., P.O. Box 581909, Pleasant Prairie, Wis., 53158, phone: (262) 947-3713,
Cost-Effective, Reliable Cartoners
Created for global markets, the metric-design Meridian large-center cartoners by R.A. Jones offer optimum flexibility. Available in 9- or 12-inch centers, right- and left-hand configuration and small footprints. Overall base frame measures no longer than 16 inches in both configurations. Features include Allen Bradley ControlLogix controls, Ultra 2000 drives, Panelview 700 Plus color touch-screen HMI, servo-driven flap closers, Nordson Pro-Blu 7 hot melt glue system and straight-in bucket conveyor including guide buckets. Meridian cartoners can reach speeds of 200 cpm with a 9-inch center and
160 cpm with a 12-inch center. Carton sizes for the 9-inch center model range from 4 to 8 inches long, 1/2 to 6 inches wide and 41/2 to 12 inches deep; sizes for the 12-inch center range from 4 to 11 inches long, 1/2 inch to 6 inches wide and 41/2 to 12 inches deep. Options include automatic transfers, code date, tuck closing, open flap inspect and reject, loader reject conveyor, color and pendant-mount HMI, NEMA 4 electrics, CE mark capability and Siemens controls. — R.A. Jones & Co. Inc., P.O. Box 485, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45201, phone: (859) 341-0400, fax: (859) 341-0519, Web site:
Dual Output Temperature Transmitters
The dual output wiring head allows two temperature signals while maintaining only one process connection. In addition to Anderson's standard (single-output) wiring heads, users can specify redundant temperature outputs from a dual-element RTD probe, thereby avoiding the cost of installing dual thermowells, RTDs or transmitters, in addition to potential lost product due to power outages of primary signal failures. — Anderson Instrument Co., 156 Auriesville Road, Fultonville, N.Y., 12072, phone: (518) 922-5315, fax: (518) 922-5997, Web site:
New Compressors
Mycom's I-Series Compressor, currently available in 160 mm rotor diameter and 180 mm rotor length, is designed to operate with anhydrous ammonia or R-22. Features of the industrial refrigeration include D-flange motor mounting, CP-iP control panel, efficient design for variable frequency drive system, no oil pump required, oil filtration system, integral strainer, capacity control, volumetric ratio, oil cooling and bearings. — Mycom, 16825 I.H. 35 North, Selma, Texas, 78154, phone: (888) 886-9266, Web site:
Supplier Profile

State-of-the-Art Filling

A.T.S. Engineering offers a wide line of solutions for dairy processors.
From new installations to modified equipment, A.T.S. Engineering Inc. provides innovative solutions for dairy processors in both hard and plastic packaging.
Behind every company lies a story, as explained by Anthony Subryan, founder of Toronto-based A.T.S. Engineering Inc. Founded in 1994, the company specializes in producing high-quality filling machines, sealers and overcappers. Subryan's previous experience was in redesigning and modifying dairy equipment, mostly filling machines for processors that needed to achieve higher speeds and efficiencies.
"When I looked at my client's equipment and designs I was able to find their weaknesses and develop parts able to improve overall performance," says Subryan.
Pleased with what they saw, Subryan's clients started asking for his services as a manufacturer of brand-new filling equipment. "Before starting my own company I had orders that totaled $310,000," he says. "I didn't let that opportunity vanish. I started my own company and, from that moment on, business started to flourish."
In order to accommodate the company's growth and expansion while meeting clients' needs, the company and its staff of 12 — including five engineers, two of whom were Mark and Pierre, the founder's sons — relocated to a newly acquired facility in Toronto, much more comfortable and convenient for manufacturing high-quality equipment. "This is no more a one-man operation," says Subryan. "This is a multimillion-dollar business with a growing market share."
A.T.S. operations are divided into two main areas; one is the redesign of existing equipment. "Our clients ask us continuously to go to their operations and modify equipment from our competitors so that it would be faster and more effective," says Subryan.
The "jewel of the crown" of A.T.S. business, however, is the custom-made rotary and in-line filling machines for products such as cottage and ricotta cheeses, sour cream, yogurt, ice cream, margarine, juice, sauce and dips.
A.T.S. considers itself as "an individual source for all the packaging needs regarding rigid plastic." Easily adapted for single and multiple filling operations, A.T.S. equipment meets or exceeds dairy standards such as USDA, FDA and 3-A. The equipment is checked at installation so the highest output is always guaranteed.
A.T.S. Engineering has assembled a team of packaging consultants who achieve client satisfaction with professional service from inception to the final touches. Subryan explains that A.T.S. will continue to bring "the most advanced equipment for the most competitive needs on this changing market." — A.T.S. Engineering Inc., 7270 Torbram Road, Unit 22 and 23, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L4T 3YT, phone: (905) 677-0055 or (800) 263-6416, fax: (905) 677-6130, e-mail:, Web site:

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