Lipid Nutrition’s PinnoThin ingredient received GRAS approval through the Food and Drug Administration after submitting a voluntary notification. The GRAS petition determined that PinnoThin can safely be used in baked goods and baking mixes, beverages and beverage bases, breakfast cereals, dairy product analogs, fats and oils, grain products and pasta, fluid milk and milk products, nuts and nut products, processed fruit and fruit juices, processed vegetables and vegetable juices, snack foods, soft candy and soup and soup mix applications.

“This latest success for PinnoThin further supports Lipid Nutrition’s commitment to scientifically based ingredients that provides healthy benefits for consumers,” says Katinka Abbenbroek, chief executive officer of Lipid Nutrition, based in Channanhon, Ill. “PinnoThin is one of the more well-researched satiety products available on the market today for functional foods that a food company could include in their product lines.”

PinnoThin is the original brand of Korean pine nut oil and is an exclusively licensed product of Lipid Nutrition B.V. With PinnoThin, Lipid Nutrition offers the dietary supplement and food industry the most innovative satiety ingredient available on the market. It has received four different awards in the last three years. The most recent award was for “Most Innovative Ingredient” at the Slimming Ingredients Germany 2007 event and was highly recommended in the Best New Health Initiative Category of the Dairy Innovation Awards 2007.

Consumer interest in satiety has increased due to the rising awareness of portion control and lowering caloric intake with regards to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With GRAS approval for PinnoThin, food companies can capitalize on the contributions of this satiety ingredient in a weight-management product.