Altra Industrial Motion has published a new eight-page, four-color brochure that provides engineers with a convenient reference guide to Altra’s full lineup of industrial couplings available from Altra’s industry-leading brands.

Products are grouped according to type of coupling, including elastomeric couplings, grid and gear couplings, gear spindles, universal joints, torque limiters, general purpose disc couplings, and high performance disc and diaphragm couplings.  Product descriptions contain the unique features, benefits and capabilities of each component, along with typical applications.

The new brochure may be downloaded as a pdf from Altra’s website,, which contains web links to each of the four Altra brands that produce couplings: TB Wood’s, Ameridrives Couplings, Bibby Transmissions and Ameridrives Power Transmission.  On these brand websites, engineers can access more detailed technical specifications and sizing information on each coupling product as well as customer service information for technical and application assistance.

Printed copies of the brochure are available by emailing or by phone at 815-389-6336.