Glanbia Nutritionals introduces Prolibra™Whey Mineral Protein, an ingredient that induces positive changes in body composition by promoting fat loss while maintaining lean body mass. Prolibra is a patent-pending, dairy-derived ingredient. All-natural Prolibra is clinically proven to accelerate fat loss-inducing weight loss from fat, without sacrificing lean body mass. Another benefit of the active whey components in Prolibra is increased satiety, helping people feel full longer. Further research is planned to clinically support claims, including one human trial that is currently underway. Prolibra can be formulated into a variety of weight management products, including powdered beverage mixes and ready-to-drink beverages.

Glanbia Nutritionals Inc.

A quick glance at the supermarket dairy case, convenience store refrigerator or foodservice menu attests to the fact that dairy-based beverages continue to grow in popularity, especially thick, flavored drinks. TIC Gums has developed an innovative, targeted gum system to help thicken such beverages and prevent formulation problems. TIC Pretested® Dairyblend 366-THK powder serves as a stabilizer in ready-to-drink milkshakes, direct-draw milkshakes, flavored milk products, eggnog drinks and various low-carbohydrate dairy-based beverages. The gum system helps control ice crystal formation on direct-draw shakes like those used in quick-service foodservice applications. In addition, it can be used for either UHT or HTST thermal processing and does not mask flavors because of its concentrated formulation. Added with other dry ingredients during the pre-processing stage, the gum system may be used at 0.15% to 0.4% gum level, based on the final viscosity desired.

TIC Gums

Kerry Americas invites you to visit its revamped Web site, which is designed to educate and enlighten its customers on not only what's new in Kerry's business and technologies, but also the biggest trends shaping the food industry. Each workday, a different specialist from Kerry shares his or her opinions about the trends shaping the industry, from indulgent healthy treats to value-added comfort foods. The site also features a variety of resources, divided into two sections: Who Are We and What We Do. In Who Are We, viewers can browse the various businesses that make up Kerry Americas and see what each has to offer. What We Do features the vast array of technologies and applications available from Kerry, as well as an extensive list of industry resources including links to key trade shows and journals, industry regulations, supplier directories, news, market information, etc.

Kerry Americas

Ice cream developer Denali Flavors and Tootsie Roll Industries have joined together for a co-branding alliance to introduce Tootsie Roll and Tootsie Pops ice cream flavor systems. This marks the first time that Tootsie Roll Industries has ever offered the Tootsie Roll outside of its trademark wrapper. The two companies worked together for months, carefully exacting the taste and texture of the soft and chewy Tootsie Roll flavor for the ice creams. Tootsie Roll ice cream has soft and chewy fudge-filled treats in a fudge swirl and chocolate ice cream base. Tootsie Pops ice cream has crunchy cherry and grape bits of candy in a fudge swirl and vanilla ice cream base. In addition to developing ice cream recipes, Denali provides product development and marketing support for independent ice cream makers who produce regional and store-branded products.

Denali Flavors Inc.

With increasing attention towards foods that not only provide nutrition, but enhance health as well, Danisco introduces Howaru™, a line of premium probiotics designed for inclusion in a variety of foods and beverages. The line is the result of a five-year research project conducted by the New Zealand Milk and Health Research Center, and the New Zealand Dairy Research Institute, along with other internationally renowned health researchers. Two cultures are currently offered in the Howaru product line: Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus rhamnosus. Both of these beneficial microflora are naturally present in the intestinal tract, and are associated with several health benefits including enhanced gut function and stability, improved protection against infection and cancers, reduced blood cholesterol, enhanced immune response and more. These probiotics are available in a variety of forms, making them easy to incorporate in a wide range of applications such as yogurt, fermented milk products and dietary supplements.


Call for Nominations for Dairy Science Award

The California Dairy Research Foundation (CDRF) is accepting nominations through Sept. 24, 2004, for the William C. Haines Dairy Science Award. The award, named for William (Bill) Haines of Dairy Management Inc., honors individuals who have worked in support of dairy science. U.S. and international scientists who have made a significant contribution to dairy science and the betterment of the dairy industry through research and development in the field of chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, technology, nutrition and/or engineering are eligible for the award, which includes a plaque, a cash prize of $1,000, travel expenses and the opportunity to make a presentation at a dairy industry event co-sponsored by CDRF. "This award is an excellent opportunity for dairy scientists to receive recognition for their good work as well as sharing their knowledge with the industry," says Joseph O'Donnell, executive dir., CDRF. "We encourage them to nominate themselves or their colleagues."

Nomination forms for the award are available at under Awards/Giving. The winner will be an-nounced in spring of 2005.