Sunett® (acesulfame K) high-intensity sweetener has been approved as a general purpose sweetener and flavor enhancer by FDA. Sunett can now be applied in many new categories including all dairy products. This new legislation is based on a thorough evaluation of all the safety studies conducted on Sunett. Sunett had already been approved for use in beverages, ice cream, yogurt and other foods. Sunett is 200 times sweeter than sugar and is produced through a patented process. It is characterized by fast-acting impact sweetness and synergistic properties with other non-nutritive and nutritive sweeteners. Sunett demonstrates excellent storage, temperature and pH stability and is already approved in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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Eridex™ brand erythritol is an all-natural, non-caloric (maximum 0.2 calories per gram) bulk-sweetener with a taste similar to sugar. Dairy applications include ice cream, sorbet and yogurt, where erythritol supports fat replacement strategies and allows for lower caloric profiles. In frozen desserts, it also functions as a freezing point depressant.

Cargill Food and Pharma Specialties
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A dietary approach to improving gut health has become an important goal given the increasing prevalence of gastrointestinal disorders. Litesse® polydextrose from Danisco Sweeteners is a glucose polymer that is designed to be resistant to human digestive enzymes. It passes into the colon where it acts as a prebiotic fiber, selectively stimulating desirable bacteria such as Bifidobacteria and reducing putrefactive bacteria by competition. Recent research has shown that Litesse is fermented slowly, mediating a protective effect throughout the colon.

Danisco Sweeteners
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Extend your flavored fluid milk line with decadent flavors. Forbes has taken the quality of its chocolate flavor powders and put it into flavored milk blends, all at an affordable price. The premixed powders are easy to use. Add flavor, color and body all from one bag. There's no weighing or measuring of ingredients. Flavors include Banana, Berry, Chocolate Raspberry, Cookies & Cream, Grape, Mocha, Orange Cream. Root Beer Float, Strawberry and Vanilla.

The Benjamin P. Forbes Co.
Forbes Chocolate
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Add a swirl to your ice cream with variegates and revels from Kalva Corp. The company offers an extensive line of ingredients for ice cream, including low-fat and no-sugar-added products. In addition, Kalva produces and distributes cocoa powders that have application in frozen desserts, as well as milk beverages.

Kalva Corp.
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Lyons Magnus offers an extensive line of ingredients to add flavor to cultured products, including no-sugar-added fruit systems. For example, the company's no-sugar-added apple cinnamon system includes apple pieces that are spiced just right, and uses sucralose for sweetness. This system works well in cottage cheese applications. On the savory side of things, Lyons Magnus has roasted red bell peppers with basil for fat-free yogurt dip. For dessert, there are flavor systems such as dulce de leche cheesecake ice cream flavor.

Lyons Magnus
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HealthFocus 2003 Trend Report

The newest edition of the longest running study of consumer attitudes and actions toward healthy food choices-HealthFocus Trend Report-has just been released. Whether planning your company's health and wellness strategy, repositioning your brand or getting ready for your next meeting, the 2003 HealthFocus Trend Report is a one-stop reference to use again and again.

Updated every two years, this report is based on a detailed survey of more than 12,000 shoppers since 1990 to give an all-important consumers' point of view. It provides the detailed data you need, together with analysis and insights from HealthFocus, to help you successfully target, position and communicate health and nutrition products for consumers. It gets you thinking outside the box when positioning products by showing how the seven HealthFocus Benefit Platforms can help you speak to consumers in more compelling ways.

For ordering information, please call 770/645-1999.

Betaine Gets GRAS

Betaine, also known as trimethylglycine (TMG), has been used in human and animal nutrition for more than 70 years as a methyl donor and osmolyte. It is now a GRAS ingredient in select applications, including beverages. There has been growing interest in betaine following published research that shows a link between elevated levels of serum homocysteine and cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's and other metabolic disorders. Clinical studies show that betaine, a compound extracted from sugar beet molasses, can lower homocysteine levels. In addition, betaine can improve liver and kidney function. It has been suggested that a deficiency in methyl donors, including betaine, can lead to incomplete DNA methylation with subsequent genetic instability, aging and cancer. Finally, betaine protects against dehydration and other types of stress, and may even improve athletic performance. "Betaine is extremely well suited for healthy beverages, particularly those that already have B vitamins or folic acid," says Ariella Gastel, business mgr., Health and Nutrition, Danisco, New Century, Kan. "It is also an excellent humectant in foods since it reduces water activity thereby extending shelflife, adds nutritional benefits and improves flavors."

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Robertet Flavors Inc., Piscataway, N.J., was the recipient of the prestigious "Specialty Award" from Ocean Spray. This award was presented to Robertet Flavors in recognition of its exceptional service as an outstanding supplier to Ocean Spray.

Robertet Flavors Inc., Piscataway, N.J., was the recipient of the prestigious "Specialty Award" from Ocean Spray. This award was presented to Robertet Flavors in recognition of its exceptional service as an outstanding supplier to Ocean Spray.