Juice Squeeze; Ice Cream Tango; Doggone Good!; They'll be Back; Golden Egg

Juice Squeeze

Juice makers which get the vast majority of their juice from Florida and Brazil are facing tight supplies and high prices thanks to hurricane ravaged crops and import tariffs.The U.S. Department of Agriculture this week predicted Florida would produce 135 million 90-pound boxes of oranges, down about 40% from production levels before the 2004 hurricane season.

Ice Cream Tango

Brazilian ice-cream sales expected to reach $886 million in 2006, up from $860 million in 2005, according to the Brazilian Association of Ice Cream Producers. In 2005, the country's ice-cream production totaled 499 million liters and in 2006, it is expected to reach 505 million liters.

Doggone Good!

Unilever's Good Humor brand and dog food maker Pedigree have launched a line of ice cream sandwiches for dogs. The Pedigree brand treats are low in lactose, and contain no added sugars or sweeteners.

They'll be Back

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last month signed a law intended to curb the theft of milk crates. Such incidents have risen drastically of late as thieves are selling the crates to recyclers.

Golden Egg

Ben & Jerry's says it is making a total transition to egg suppliers who use cage-free methods to raise their egg-laying hens, and the company may be the first national food manufacturer to make such a move.