As an innovative provider of ingredient solutions in the food and beverage industry, ADM understands the importance of developing healthy, consumer-friendly ingredients that can be incorporated into any product. Considering current levels of obesity, lactose intolerance and other health-related problems that are becoming more prevalent in children and adults, it is imperative now more than ever that food and beverage companies develop products that are healthy, great-tasting and allow consumers to get the important vitamins and nutrients they need every day. In addition to consumers' demand for great tasting and nutritional products, manufacturers are looking for functional ingredients that improve their formulations and allow them to produce high quality finished products.

With the industry's most extensive line of over 500 food ingredients, ranging from cocoa, sweeteners and soy protein to emulsifiers, xanthan gum and enrichments, ADM understands the needs of both manufacturers and consumers. Our newest ingredient, NutriSoy® Organic Whole Bean Powder, is an all-natural, completely organic powder that can be used in several dairy products and beverages, including soymilk, soy beverages, ice cream, yogurt, cream cheese and sour cream. The powder has a bland flavor and a smooth, rich mouthfeel that allow it to be used in a variety of flavor systems. It possesses a microfine particle size, which allows it to be nearly self-stabilizing, thus helping to reduce the amount of costly stabilization ingredients normally required.

As a leading developer and supplier of ingredients to food and beverage manufacturers, ADM is continually looking for ways to improve its processes and products to better serve its customers. From basic to specialty ingredients, ADM uses its worldwide procurement and logistical network, a vertically integrated production system, and state-of-the-art technical service capabilities to ensure excellent quality and value every time. Unlocking the potential of nature to improve the quality of life - it's our promise to our customers, and the world.

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