OAKLAND, Calif.-Having just concluded one national sweepstakes promotion, Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream is wasting no time in launching another.

In July Edy's announced that it had 1,500 winners in its "Two Scoop Neighborhood Salute" promotion which awarded ice cream block parties to those ice cream lovers who could best put into words why their neighborhood was deserving of such a treat. At the same time, Dreyer's introduced a photo contest to help promote its new Edy's Dibs bite-sized ice cream treats.

In a press release announcing that the winners had been chosen for the block parties, Dreyer's included a list of excerpts of some of the varied responses.

"We've been trying to get together for three years," one winner penned. "Please-make us finally do it!" Another said, "we're all old on my block and have earned it."

Through Aug. 26 Dreyer's is offering consumers a chance to win a year's supply of Dibs through the Dibs Across America photo contest. Each of 10 photo scavenger hunt categories will have a grand prize winner; and the first 1,000 eligible entries will receive a free carton of Edy's Dibs treats.