By ensuring valves and actuators are only operated by authorized individuals, the Anti-Tamper Lock (ATL) from Smith Flow Control secures assets by reducing the risk of human error or deliberate tampering.

By ensuring valves and actuatorsare only operated by authorized individuals, the Anti-Tamper Lock (ATL) from Smith Flow Control secures assets by reducing the risk of human error or deliberate tampering. The standard condition of the device in service is locked (key-free), with the handwheel free-rotating (the standard unit is available in two sizes to suit all lever and handwheel operated valves). Operation involves three steps: A coded key is inserted, engaging the drive; the valve is operated to the desired position; and, the key is removed and the valve is locked in the desired position. Housing is stainless steel with yellow polyester resin, and locks are manufactured from hardened steel. ATL can operate in temperatures ranging from -8ºF to 212ºF.

Smith Flow Control

FKI Logistex® has added new design and interface optionsfor its A-780 case palletizer, meant to increase capacity for low- to mid-speed palletizing applications. Particularly suited for single-line applications in the food and consumer goods industries, the A-780 utilizes high-level infeed and right-angle pattern formation to achieve pattern flexibility. Close-center rollers and a bi-parting apron also give the A-780 the ability to handle a variety of case and pallet sizes. Its compact footprint is ideal for existing facilities where space is at a premium. A recirculating row pusher is one of several new options offered. This feature improves case flow and allows higher palletizing capacities with rates up to 45 case-feet per minute. A high-speed hoist option increases capacity when handling short loads or large cases. Another option is pattern generation utility, which helps create new stacking patterns.

FKI Logistex

Omron's ZS smart measurement sensor combinestwo-dimensional CMOS imaging with precise laser measurement to create a high-speed, high-sensitivity inspection system. Its 110µs response time and 0.25µm resolution enable it to inspect moving workpieces and capture data on the fly, while the customizable gain setting lets users optimize performance for specific environmental conditions. The ZS features simple modular plug-and-play ease of installation as well as separate sensing heads and amplifiers. Five sensor heads are available for the ZS, for distances ranging from 20 to 200 mm, and measuring ranges from +/-1 to +/-50 mm. Two regular reflection heads handle transparent and mirror-surface workpieces; three diffuse reflection heads measure black rubber and dark plastic workpieces. Data is transferred between the sensing head and amplifier via high-speed interface with no signal degradation. All heads are rated IP67 to withstand washdown for measurements in harsh environments.

Omron Electronics LLC

Lantech has developeda fully integrated RFID tag-reading capability for stretch wrappers in a collaborative effort with supply chain management company Exel. The Q-300 semiautomatic stretch wrapper is proving to be a suitable chassis for integration of RFID tag-reading hardware. The machine has a Symbol Technologies XR400RFID reader and Symbol AN400 area antennas on adjustable brackets attached to the roll carriage. Lantech will create a retrofit package to allow existing machines to be upgraded for RFID tag reading with various manufacturers' hardware. Lantech is working with companies in the market to create an ‘open'system that will allow customers to use any RFID or warehouse management system they choose.


Bemis Clysar Inc.'s new Clysar LE Goldis a clear shrink film for products that can be bent out of shape or collapse due to force applied by the film while shrinking. LE Gold creates tight corners and strong, durable seals, and optics. LE Gold is compatible with all sealing mechanisms and is durable under freezer temperatures.

Bemis Clysar