Sinton Dairy Company, Colorado Springs, operates a fleet of nine heavy duty Kenworth T800 daycab tractors and a combination of 40 medium duty straight trucks - all on full-service lease through the local PacLease franchise, MHC Leasing.

The T800s operate from the company's hub, delivering milk and cultured products to each of the company's eight satellite distribution centers, as well as major customers. A fleet of 32 46-foot and 48-foot multi-temp refrigerated trailers (a mix of Utility and Wabash) are kept in a load-deliver-and-reload cycle around the clock, seven days a week. At branch locations, the leased medium duty trucks-predominantly Kenworth T300s-are spec'd with Johnson cold plates and make daily deliveries to lower-volume customers, such as hospitals, nursing homes and convenience stores. PacLease maintains all power units on a strict preventive maintenance regimen, supported with emergency over-the-road service. Should a vehicle break down en route, a replacement vehicle is provided within a couple hours.

"PacLease provides us with tremendous assurance in meeting our delivery schedules," noted Mike Snow, Sinton's fleet manager. "When a unit requires service, replacement vehicles are provided without any hassle." In addition, the PacLease program calls for two MHC technicians to work full-time on-location at Sinton, maintaining the mix of Carrier and ThermoKing multi-temp units. They are supported by a 20-foot box truck that carries a parts inventory, compressor and welder. For many companies in the food processing business, transportation is a necessary evil, but according to Bruce Heidenreich, distribution mgr., if the product doesn't get to the customer, it doesn't get sold.

"Transportation isn't a dirty word here at Sinton," he said. "From the top to the bottom of our company, it's top of mind and dealt with respect. It's our business."