Engineering Aspects of Milk and Dairy Products


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  • Aqueous two-phase systems applied to whey protein separations
  • Active and intelligent packaging for milk and milk products
  • Potential applications of whey proteins in the medical field
  • Engineering aspects of crystallization in lactose and whey protein
  • Cutting-edge membrane technologies


Expert Insight into the Engineering Aspects of Dairy Products Manufacturing

Consumer demand is constantly on the rise for better and more nutritious dairy products, from traditional milk to new, high-value added products like meal-replacement drinks. This changing market preference reinforces the importance of milk as a raw material in the food industry, and consequently, the relevance of several processing technologies used for milk transformation.

However, the complex nature of dairy and its biological properties continue to pose a major challenge for process engineers. Engineering Aspects of Milk and Dairy Products provides an engineering perspective on food manufacturing by integrating fluid flow, unit operations, and physical chemistry concepts. It also covers crucial issues related to packaging, novel technologies for milk processing, and potential applications of whey proteins in the medical field.

Uses Case Studies to Highlight Important Aspects of Bioseparation

Demonstrating what occurs throughout the production chain, the book incorporates case studies involving the processing of milk and milk-based products, such as bovine whey, casein, whey protein, and lactose. In addition to covering food quality assurance systems, the use of the microcalorimetry and thermodynamics analysis methods to evaluate the stability of dairy products is also detailed.

With 25 international contributors from academia and industry, this book is a readily applicable resource for the development of improved dairy products and for determining how to successfully meet the challenges posed by ever-evolving consumer demands.


Table to Contents

Physical Chemistry of Colloidal Systems Applied to Food Engineering, Ana Clarissa dos Santos Pires, Maria do Carmo Hespanhol da Silva, and Luis Henrique Mendes da Silva

Bioseparation Processes, Jane Coimbra and José Antonio Couto Teixeira

Applications of Membrane Technologies in the Dairy Industry, Antonio Fernandes de Carvalho and J.-L. Maubois

Aqueous Two-Phase Systems Applied to Whey Protein Separation, Abraham Damian Giraldo Zuniga, Jane Sélia dos Reis Coimbra, José Antonio Couto Teixeira, and Lígia Rodrigues

Chromatographic Techniques Applied to Dairy Product Manufacturing, Rafael da Costa Ilhéu Fontan, António Augusto Vicente, Renata Cristina Ferreira Bonomo, and Jane Sélia dos Reis Coimbra

Crystallization of Lactose and Whey Protein, Everson Alves Miranda, André Bernardo, Gisele Atsuko Medeiros Hirata, and Marco Giulietti

Novel Technologies for Milk Processing, Ricardo Nuno Pereira and António Augusto Vicente

Active and Intelligent Packaging for Milk and Milk Products, Nilda de Fátima Ferreira Soares*, Cleuber Antônio de Sá Silva, Paula Santiago-Silva, Paula Judith Pérez Espitia, Maria Paula Junqueira Conceição Gonçalves, Maria José Galotto Lopez, Joseph Miltz, Miguel Ângelo Cerqueira, António Augusto Vicente, José Antonio Couto Teixeira, Washington Azevedo da Silva, and Diego Alvarenga Botrel

Microcalorimetry: A Food Science and Engineering Approach, Ana Clarissa dos Santos Pires, Maria do Carmo Hespanhol da Silva, and Luis Henrique Mendes da Silva

Potential Applications of Whey Proteins in the Medical Field, Lígia Rodrigues and José Antonio Couto Teixeira

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