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Whilst milk fat has always been appreciated for its flavour, the market had suffered from concerns over cardiovascular diseases associated with the consumption of animal fats. However, recent clinical studies have indicated benefits, particularly in relation to conjugated linoleic acids (CLA), in the prevention of certain diseases. The range of spreads has also increased, including the addition of probiotic organisms and/or plant extracts to reduce serum cholesterol levels.

The primary aim of this publication is to detail the state-of-the-art manufacturing methods for:

Yellow fat spreads, both pure milk fat based and mixtures with other fats
Anhydrous milk fat and its derivatives

Coverage of the manufacturing technologies is complemented by examinations of the relevant nutrition issues and analytical methods. The authors, who are all specialists in their fields in respect to these products, have been chosen from around the world. It is hoped that the book will provide a valuable reference work for dairy scientists and technologists within the dairy industry and those with similar processing requirements, as well as researchers and students, thus becoming an important component of the SDT’s Technical Series.

344 pages
June 2009

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Preface to Technical Series




1 Milk Lipids – Composition, Origin and Properties (T. HUPPERTZ, A.L. KELLY AND P.F. FOX).

2 Milk Fat Nutrition (P.W. PARODI).

3 Separation and Standardisation of the Fat Content (M. GUNSING, H.C. VAN DER HORST, D. ALLERSMA AND P. DE JONG).

4 Cream and Related Products (M.A. SMIDDY, A.L. KELLY AND T. HUPPERTZ).

5 Butter (R.A. WILBEY).

6 Anhydrous Milk Fat Manufacture and Fractionation (D. ILLINGWORTH, G.R. PATIL AND A.Y. TAMIME).

7 Production of Yellow Fats and Spreads (B.K. MORTENSEN).

8 Cream Cheese and Related Products (T.P. GUINEE AND M. HICKEY).

9 Microbial Production of Bioactive Metabolites (S. MILLS, R.P. ROSS, G. FITZGERALD AND C. STANTON).

10 Trouble Shooting (B.B.C. WEDDING AND H.C. DEETH).

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